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Random Science 

There is always science in everything that we see... Even in what we taste... what we smell... what we hear... and what we feel. Explore science and its many faces... 

Random Films 

Thousands of films are being produced each year. And from those piles and heaps, which one we truly love and will always remember? Let us take a look at some of the best, most awarded and critically acclaimed, and most unforgettable movies of the recent years... 


I live in the same hometown with the world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. So what is life like here? Let me share what is life and living like in General Santos City and in the surrounding provinces.

My Favorite Blogs: 

The Filipino Diaspora. A compilation of the articles written by the best Filipino Triond writers. 

Amazing Animals.  An entertaining and educational blog about animals from a simple and funny man who loves poetry and nature. 

Giants and Elves. Follow the amazing saga of the city of Trandoz. Be swept away by your imagination. 

Ang Ikalawang Paglalakbay. A personal blog by an inspiring friend. Let his experiences and thoughts touch us. 

Macherie's Denouement.  Explore the light and fun side of fashion and life. 

Marie's Thoughts. Like she said, " I love to write anything that come across my mind, even though its not that good!"

A Traveler's Tales. Ride with this blog as we explore some of the world's intriguing secrets.

iFeature. Read the information that matters, from the world wide web to business.

Books and a Cup of Coffee. Books, books, and more books... over a cup of warm brewed coffee...