Movie Review: The Loved Ones

March is the International Women’s Month, and so for the whole month, let’s look into the movies that highlight the strengths and triumphs of women. Let’s begin with this 2009 Australian comedy horror film which does not only reflect the prowess of a woman, but also the tragedy and brutality that her wrath can bring. Get ready for some mild gore and be up for The Loved Ones.
The Loved Ones begins with a vehicular accident on a road. Brent (played by Xavier Samuel) is driving with his father in the passenger seat. All of a sudden, a bloodied man appears on the middle of the road, and swerving to avoid hitting the man, Brent’s car crashes into a tree.

Six months later, Brent is planning to attend a high school dance with his girlfriend. He has initially refused an invitation to the dance by a girl named Lola Stone (played by Robin McLeavy). Unfortunately, this has become Brent’s big mistake as his refusal triggered a series of merciless violent ploys. The girl’s envy and fury go a notch higher when she sees him and her girl making out on a car.

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