Beauty Lesson from the Old Acacia Trees

Everytime I passed by our dormitory and of our neighborhood, I am always captivated by the towering acacia trees. There were several of them and most are very old. I don’t exactly know how old they are, but the ferns and fungi growing on their stout trunk and limbs are shouting antiquity. During the day, they are a picture of humble grandeur, as their mighty branches stir the cool breeze or their fresh green leaves provide shade to passing people. During the night, they are a picture of relaxed serenity, with their gentle hum and slow sway, and with the corn moon casting its soft glow behind them. Everytime I see them, I just could not help but look up and be mesmerized by them. They inspired me with their simple and quiet beauty. Though unnoticed and unappreciated, they continue to hold their limbs up high.
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