MSU-GSC Students Rank FIRST and FIFTH in the Recent Agricultural Engineering Board Exam

Amazingly, our graduates did so well in the recent Licensure Examination for Agricultural Engineering. The result really blew me away. I had so much hope for these people, but they had given me more than what I anticipated.

Yesterday must have been a beautiful omen. Earlier in the morning, as I was travelling to the university from the city, I was following behind a car with plate number PRC 351. That PRC characters excited me, since PRC is the initials for Professional Regulation Commission. So what do 351 mean? Well, later in the day, a student texted me saying that 86% of the first time takers passed the exam. So that’s it, 351 (3+5=8, and 5+1=6)!

Not only was the passing percentage was great, we have two topnotchers! Ely Jun Pates ranked FIRST! Another one, Rowen Lacanaria, bagged the FIFTH place! Isn’t that exemplary? Ely was a “home-grown” Agricultural Engineering student, while Rowen was a shifter from another course (Electrical Engineering). It was redemption for Rowen and his colleagues, implying that anyone can really succeed despite past painful struggles. And for Ely, he simply upheld our course and profession, giving much honor to the university and to our department.

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