Only in the Philippines: Unique Modes of Transportation

The Philippines has a diverse culture. It has successfully infused history and modernism, as well as rural and urbanized living. In terms of transportation, the country has several options to offer. Many of these vehicles are for public transport and can offer services for several passengers. Amazingly, these modes of transportation are only found in the Philippines. Here are some unique transport vehicles in the Philippines:


Jeepneys are the kings of the road. They are the most common mode of transportation in the whole country, dominating every highways and corners. They are very flashy and colorful, with attractive decorations and signage. The most famous decors would be the two horses in front of it. Some jeepneys also have funny and hilarious quotes painted on its body, like “Basta driver, sweet lover” (A driver is a sweet lover), “No guts, no glory”, “God knows Hudas not pay”, “Basta sexy libre, basta buntis doble” (If you are sexy, you are free; but if you are pregnant, you pay double), and many others.
Jeepneys are also inexpensive way to go around the different places in the Philippines, with fares as low as eight pesos ($0.18). Usually, the jeepneys must be filled before travelling, carrying 16-20 passengers excluding the driver. Some even have “extensions” – a plank of wood placed on its open door – that can support 2-3 people.


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