Ten Mother's Day Treats

For most countries, the second Sunday of the month of May is the Mother’s Day celebration. On this special day, people honor their mothers and celebrate motherhood. As they say, “the mother is the light of the house” and her influence to her family and to the society is all-important and crucial.

On this special day, maybe it’s the son’s or daughter’s time to bring “light” to their mother’s face. So what are the perfect gifts to our dear mothers? What are some simple and heart-warming treats for her? Here are ten of them:

1. A hearty breakfast. Eversince we are young, we often wake up with all our food already set on our table. And that thanks to our mother. Maybe on this special day, let’s take our turn in preparing the breakfast for her. Add special elements to the meal like a fragrant green tea, a baguette with strawberry or plum jam, a soft chocolate or a creamy soup. 

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