GPS X-Guider: Review and Coupon Code

One of the most essential companions for hikers, cyclists, fishers, travelers, and even plain drivers is a GPS device or any gadget that can track locations and distances. In the field of providing such technology, GPS X-Guider is a leading name.

GPS X-Guider is a niche company specializing in Global Positioning System or GPS technology. Its main product is the GPS X-Guider Back Tracker. Basically, the gadget is a multi-purpose handheld GPS receiver. As a backtracker device, it is programmed to route you back to a waypoint you have marked. It can be any spot, say the place where you parked your car, a fishing site, or the spot where a “treasure” is buried.

Not only that, the GPS X-Guider Back Tracker also lets you plan your trip online and upload it to the device as it is equipped with a PC software. Voila, you now have a guide during your hike or trip. There are still more the gadget can do as it can be used as a compass, speedometer, satellite clock, or a GPS data logger to calculate your average speed, distance, and calories burned.

An advanced GPS can do this thing, but take note that GPS backtracker is lightweight, small and handheld. Your smartphone, iPhone, or Android can also do the job, but remember that GPS signal consumes a lot of power and their battery may end up dead even before you start the real adventure. This is where GPS X-Guider becomes indispensable as it is long-lasting, multi-purpose, and reliable. Click here to read full review of GPS X-Guider.


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