Goodbye, Luis!

Today is the burial of my former high school classmate. I was not actually at the burial earlier in the day since I could not leave my work. But last night, I and two friends visited his wake at a funeral home. It is still very unbelievable to me what happened to this person. The news came to me Wednesday last week when I was attending an out-of-town work-related activity.  It came as a big shock to me, as I read the news thread in my Facebook account. Luis shot himself with a gun. There was some kind of misunderstanding with his girlfriend few days before the incident, which supposedly caused him to bring a gun, lock himself in a hotel room, and shot himself. Here is the complete news:

It was just in time for the mass when we reached the funeral house. There was a small gathering of relatives and friends, and the priest was delivering his homily to the mourning crowd. I was really touched by what the priest said. It goes something like “May He judge Luis not by justice but by His love and mercy…”

I and Luis were just high school classmates, not friends, and I do not even remember any good memories we shared together. Let us say he was on the other side of the classroom – the school heartthrob, tall and good-looking, athletic, smart, well-off, well-bred, and with a good family background. After high school, there was always an annual gathering by our class and he attended only once. .. And years after, the first time I heard something about him, well, it is his death. It is really very sad. Such a great person just came to waste…

But like the priest had said, “who are we to judge Luis”. We do not know his heart, what were he thinking and feeling that moment that urged him to take his life. It is a tragedy and a mystery.  It is a pain and a challenge. It is a loss and a lesson…

Right now, my heart aches for someone I had known only as a classmate but not as a person. Wherever you are now, Luis, my deepest wishes of happiness and peace for you. May your soul be rested in love and affection.

Born: July 17, 1985
Dead: October 10, 2011

Goodbye, my friend and brother in God!

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  1. Hi,

    So sad post. Whether we like it or not. We have to let go the person whose important to us. All can do is to pray for them and remind the goodness that they brought for us.

    Ashley of Eyelash Enhancer