Best PC Privacy Software: WhiteCanyon WipeDrive vs. Evidence Blaster

Suppose we sell, donate, throw, or give as gift our old computer units. Logically, we delete all our personal files, empty the recycle bin, and even uninstall the programs we feel that somehow reveal things about our self. Do simple “deleting”, “uninstalling” and even formatting the hard drive truly protect our privacy? If not, how do we secure ourselves? What are the tools we need?

Security and privacy are the main concerns of any computer users. Though we can use the “delete” feature in our computers, yet we are not assured that the information we erased are permanently deleted from our system unit. Anyone can easily access this hidden information and invade our own privacy. Hence, it is undoubtedly necessary to safeguard ourselves from being caught in this situation by installing a software program that can remove deleted files from our computer system for good. This way, the performance of our computers that have been used for too long will also be enhanced and improved.

There have been several such software programs that offer computer monitoring and privacy services. WhiteCanyon WipeDrive and Evidence Blaster are two of the best software programs for this purpose. Let us take a look at the features, prices, pros and cons of these products. Click here to read full product comparison: "Best PC Privacy Software: WhiteCanyon WipeDrive vs. Evidence Blaster."


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