Ten Signs that Someone is Lying to You

In one way or another, we all have lied. Whether intentionally done or not, lies can be so hurtful and the damage it causes cannot be sometimes repaired. Hence, it would be best to keep ourselves from lying and even making up alibis for our shortcomings. But other people cannot really help themselves from lying. They lie to save their faces and vindicate themselves. However, we can sense when a person lies to us. Deception is a difficult thing to conceal that certain emotions and body languages or nonverbal behaviors give people away when lying.

So how do we detect lies in other people? How do we know that someone is lying to us? Here are ten common signs of lying.

Breaking eye contact. Generally, a person lying to you will frequently break eye contact with you. It is the shame and guilt that makes him not want to look at you. Moreover, when a person’s eyes turns left before a response, more likely his answer is a lie. Our eyes normally go left when we think of something, and a person looking for any excuse will also respond the same way. Yet, there are some people who would take great pains to establish eye contact when they are lying, simply to make you think they are not. Well, a lying person would most likely to blink more. That is how uneasiness comes through the eyes.

Change in tone and breathing pattern. Lying can affect a person’s breathing pattern. His breathing will be heavier and can even get audible at times . Also, a lying person takes on a high pitched voice without realizing it. He wants to be heard clearly and show his confidence by raising his voice so that he can be heard clearly and that listeners would be convinced by him.
Disturbed speech. Certain points in a person’s speech indicate that he is lying. That person fidgets and stammers more. There will be more pauses that usual. He also offers shorter responses, becoming very careful of the words that might reveal the deception. There will also be more speech errors and sounds like um, er, and ah would be more frequent than usual.

Justifications. If a lying person has no intermittent answers, he will otherwise have lengthy explanations. He will exert much effort in adding unnecessary details to win you over. Also, the guilty person uses humor or sarcasm.

Overly defensive. Have you known someone who instantly becomes extremely defensive in a conversation? Or that they passively refuse to answer your query? Or worse, they turn the story around and accuse you of lying? Well, it can mean that person have something to hide.

Hand movements. The hands of a lying person can either be tight or restless. The first is that his palms and fingers are closed and tight. On the other hand, he might be playing with his hands and make too many hand movements that one can easily observe.

Emotional gestures and contradictions. Oftentimes, the words of a person lying do not match his face. It is like being insincere with what he is saying. Expressions are limited to the mouth movement instead of the whole face.  The emotion is also usually delayed, stays longer, and then stops suddenly.

Unusual body language. Lying can make anyone nervous or fidgety, and if they are acting likewise, it could mean that they are lying. An uncomfortable person is usually stiff and hard. Otherwise, he makes unusual body languages like tapping his foot, raising his shoulders, or bringing his hands to his face. There will also be unusual postural shifts in his body like shifting body weight from foot to foot.

Changes the subject easily. A person who is lying is eager to change the subject of the conversation. At the first sign that a talk stalls, he will instantly talk big and dwell on that matter until the issue is seemingly forgotten. He will gladly get along on changing the topic. His body and face will then look relaxed.

Blushing or becoming pale. The hands and face of a lying person can either blush or become pale as blood is withheld from extremities. His lips can also become thinner and tighter along with this.

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