Back to My First Home – Triond!

It has been a long time since I write in Triond. I wrote only a single article (The Evil Touch of Tiger Fur) last June, and another one (Why Do Fireflies Glow?) in July. My last (Random Film: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) was on August 31. I wrote each article for at least a month apart, and all the while, Triond kept sending me message that “We miss you!” It was kind of sweet for them to do that. But I was still very reluctant to write more articles in Triond again.

So where was I all this time? Hmmp, well, in another writing site – Factoidz! Modesty aside, I think I do so well in Factoidz. What I had achieved in Triond for so long, I accomplished it only in few months in Factoidz. I started writing for Triond January this year, and up until now, my views are only around 30,000. I currently have around 53,000 views in Factoidz for only three months. I signed up for that site also this January but I was able to published my article only by June. And in terms of earnings, I received more in Factoidz, at least twenty times as great than that in Triond. In other words, I have relatively more success in Factoidz than in Triond.

If that is so, what made me come back to Triond? I mean come back and write more articles again (that is what I intend to do)… Certainly, it is not the money. And it is not also the contest for I did not participate in last month’s activity.

One reason is that I sincerely miss the people here in Triond. I don’t see some good friends writing here anymore. And for those who stay, I find myself enjoying their works again. I got some new friends and followers, as well as I followed new people. I really mean “friends” for I find myself more attached to the people here.

Secondly, it is more fun writing and being here. I find the atmosphere in Triond less competitive than Factoidz. The people are generally cool, no sour graping, and no destructive criticisms. And there seems to be a party here from time to time.

But the main reason is that I have more respect in Triond now than before. I switched to Factoidz because writing there is more professional and its articles are insightful and informative. With the changes that Triond had done for the last months, offensive articles may now be removed and inappropriately categorized articles can be relocated. This way, Triond has greater quality now than before. It is very wise and proper that Triond had done it.

Well, they say we always come back to our first home, and Triond is my first home. This is the first site that I write to and enjoy. And I am here again… For good.

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  1. I wonder what would pull me back to Triond..for good....I have not really left, just stopped writing for a while...