How to Overcome Laziness to Get Things Done

At one point or another, we feel lazy. We might not have the required energy, desire or motivation to accomplish tasks. This laziness could be just momentary or truly a habitual state. Whichever, we feel lazy and being this way gives us a feeling of unproductiveness. So how do we fight laziness? How do we overcome this and get our goals done?

Make a list of your goals. Having many things to think about makes us lazy. When our mind is crammed with so much wants and goals, we usually accomplish the first things that come to our heads and forget the others. Worse, when we feel overly exhausted, we settle into not doing anything at all. To avoid this, make a practical to-do list. Arrange the items in your list from the most important to the least importance, of from the most immediate to those that can be delayed, or from the hardest tasks to the easiest. This is like aligning your priorities and planning your activities. This way, you maximize your energy and time by accomplishing things that really matter.

Think of deadlines. A list of priorities needs time reference. When must these activities be done? When we don’t put target dates to our plans, we tend to postpone them again and again, until we finally give up on them.

Divide task into manageable parts. Oftentimes, we feel lazy when we see a very big job. Well, we cannot eat a whole roasted chicken. We chop it into bitable sizes and then feed on them. The same principle applies to large-scale goals. Divide them into small tasks and deal with them one by one. The disheartening task will soon become an adventure as you gradually succeed on every piece and the finish line looms before you.

Establish clarity and remove distractions. Clear things in your head. Once you have a list of priorities, focus on them and set your mood right on accomplishing them. Avoid distractions as many of them will come your way. Instead of writing a new post, a blogger may just spend all his time browsing other blogs. Instead of cleaning the house, a housewife may just go over the neighbor’s house and do some chitchat. Instead of studying for a coming examination, a student may just resort to watching TV. Everyone does not have the liberty of time so spend it wisely on the things that matter most. Still, we can give in to those little temptations only after achieving our goals.

Physical measures. Laziness is the lack of energy, and a good way to overcome laziness is by reviving our energies. There are various physical activities that can bring the right amount of energy back to our body. A cold shower or just a splash of water on your face can enhance blood circulation and rejuvenate your face. Meditation, exercises, and dance can also do the same wonders.

Be inspired. To be able to get things done with least energy and with a big smile on your face, derive inspiration from the people around you, from the success of others, and even from your own self as you possess certain passions and desires. An inspired heart sees no impossibility in things.

Reward yourself. Give credits to yourself for accomplishing your goals. A treat to the movies or spa, a weekend vacation, or even just your favorite ice cream can be a good gift for yourself for a job well done.

Challenge yourself. You can compare yourself to other people and watch their progress. You can be inspired by them and soon find yourself taking on many challenges.

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