Divers Supply: Scuba Gear, Dive Suits And Camera Equipment Review & Coupon Code

In the field of providing low-cost quality scuba equipment to divers and enthusiasts, the name that stands among them all is Divers Supply.  The company has a diverse catalog of scuba, snorkeling, and watersports products. Among them are scuba gears like mask, fins, computer, and gauges; scuba accessories like waterproof cases, watches, knives, lights, flags and buoys; snorkeling gears like masks, fins, and snorkels; exposure protection items like wetsuits, dry suits, boots, gloves, and hoods; and specialty gears like speargun, surface air systems, and lobster gear. The company also sells basic swimwears like swimming googles, fins and suits, and scuba diving apparels like T-shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, and sunglasses.  There are at least 160 brand names of products that Divers Supply provide including well-known and prestigious brands like Aeris, Ocean Management Systems, Atomic, Princeton, Henderson, Cressi Sub, Dive Rite, Oceanic, Tusa, Sea Elite, XS Scuba, and many others. Aside from these equipment and accessories, Divers Supply also offers dive trainings, tutorials, trips, and many more related services.  With its 5 full retail stores and 30 years of experience, customers are guaranteed of top-quality products and services. Click here to read full review of "Divers Supply."


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