August 2011 Agricultural Engineers Licensure Examination Results

The last few days had been tense for our graduate students who took the licensure examination for agricultural engineering. Monday and Tuesday (August 22 and 23) were the dates of the examination and three working days after, Friday, would be the releasing of the results. I guess I know the feeling for I also went through the same ordeal years ago. Taking the examination was nerve-wracking, but the waiting was more torturous that I was always uneasy at day and had nightmares at night that time. If these guys share the same feelings and experience, that would be up to their telling when we see each other very soon.

I and my colleagues in the Department were anticipating for the results. Even our students were also excited for they had so much expectation in their older “Bayaws.” The probable results were the trend and constant chatter of everyone. I was frequently inquiring Google about it but what it always gave me was the room assignment for the takers. Last Thursday night, I browsed the net every thirty minutes but to no avail.

So Friday morning came and still no results were found. That afternoon, I was kind of busy arranging some things for the College’s performance for the coming Intramurals that I totally forgot about it. Afterwards, I hopped around the city and only came home later that night. And when I opened my Facebook account, one of my students posted the link on the licensure examination results. OMG, there was it!

With trembling hands, I clicked the link… My connection was very bad, *u***!, that the page took too long to be loaded. Please hurry up, baby!

After some minutes, the long list was revealed. ALAS! There I found the names of the people I was confident would pass and others who came out as a surprise… But did anyone made it to the top ten agricultural engineers? With my shaking hands again, the click the link to that list.

Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub!

My eyes scanned the list and looked for Mindanao State University – General Santos City. My heart almost drowned in happiness when I saw it on the second line… Meaning, one of our students ranked second in the examination. Two other topnotchers were also reviewees from our review center. And four others were also from Mindanao…

No sooner, congratulatory messages streamed throughout Facebook. My mobile phone kept ringing as the good news was spread rapidly. Even in the silence of my own room, I felt the air of bliss and celebration.

I was very happy and proud of these new engineers, especially to our own students. Personally, I have been a part of their journey for at least three years. Although their success is a fruit of their own labor, somehow and in some ways, I have educated and influenced them. I just feel my happiness and pride is twice than theirs. LOL!

To all the new agricultural engineers this year, CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. They are the fruits from your labor too. Congrats for them and to you "professor"!

  2. It's the fulfillment of every professor to see that their students are doing quite well. And yes, you have been a very vital part in their success. So keep it up prof!

    On a side note, thanks for the visit to my new blog. Sure you can add me to your blog list. Thanks!