Tell Eddie: Collision

Continuation… (From Tell Eddie: The Single Rose)

For a moment, Amos reflected back on his own life and on the many women he loved before. He compared them with Linda. Who had said they love me with all their life? he asked himself. How many said I am all they have? I guess all of them. Everyone had really loved me. But have I loved them that much? What have I given back to them? A little of my time? Of my attention? Of myself? But that was the best I could give. In my mind and heart, I had truly loved them.

Amos suddenly found his thoughts in turmoil. His heart beat with every impact of rain on the window. The rhythm was lost, like broken guitar forced to sing a melody. With each collision, rainwater gently traced its way down the window, its path crooked and wavering, unguided and lost. And each drop would go to only one place – down below.

Crazy alcohol, Amos thought. Alcohol really intensifies things. Look what I am doing now? Romanticizing this meeting with a stranger!

Amos felt like hitting his head, bumping it to something solid hard to bring sanity back to it. For the last minutes, he had been thinking so hard. He loved to think, but hated himself for loving it. Was it really alcohol? Or just my damned loneliness?

“You’re silent again, Amos.”

“It’s nothing,” he shook his head and flashed a little sad smile.

The taxi was then nearing his place. They entered a narrow street, fringed with high-rise tenements. During that time, neither spoke. It was very silent for the rain had also stopped. As sudden as it had begun, the torrent ebbed.

It was silent. So when they headed for the crossing, the whirring of a coming engine was audible. With each fleeting second, the sound roared more, like lion approaching its target. They looked to their left but it was too dark to catch anything. From the same direction, headlights blinked once. Both Amos and Linda were momentarily transfixed for something large was looming at them, its barely visible shadow outlined by grey and fading light. The rumble was instantly alongside them. Linda attempted to turn right. It was too late. The vehicle knocked the taxi. Gravity pulled them from the right. Amos felt a full swing. Suddenly, they slammed into a wall. In a fraction of a second, he felt another strong impact. The taxi was pressed on the wall.

He was soaked when he regained consciousness. His head, along with his breathing, was heavy. Amos tried to open his eyes and see things, focusing on the object right before him, but it was too difficult. However, he was aware of crumpled metals confining him, of the cold feel of shattered glass, and of the hurried footsteps and eager voices surrounding the scene. He then tried to move a muscle but it was too painful. Even a slight turn of his head brought an explosion of sharp pain.

“Linda?” he uttered, trying to steady his broken voice. He wanted to cry but could not do so. Instead, he listened on the voices outside, and the torturous silence inside the cab.

“Linda,” he said again, “please answer me.”

A long silence passed by.

“Amos,” she said under her breath. “Please tell Eddie I love him. Tell him I love him so much.”

Amos realized the voice was only in front of him. He widened his eyes. Pain. He suddenly had a vision of her. Her face was pressed on the ground and her dark hair was covering much of it. Yet, he could see blood running down her cheek. She was badly hurt. He blinked his eyes. Was it true? He asked himself, Or am I hallucinating?

“Are you alright?” he asked but there was no reply. He felt more pain all over him. But he was too tired to fight it. So he let go. Amos slept.
To continue....

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