Out with Friends: Third Day, Shores of Bohol

It rained earlier that third day and the sun was starting to rise over the horizon when we woke up. We prepared and ate our breakfast hurriedly and got ready for the day. No sooner did our boat driver arrived and fetched us. He rushed to the beach and Stephanie Grace roared and soared through the swells.

We were supposed to watch for dolphins but none appeared to all the tourists. It must have been the hard rain earlier that morning which caused this. After two hours of futile search, we gave up and hit the shores of Balicasag Island. Well, a more challenging adventure was actually waiting for us. For that day, we would go snorkeling… Excitedly, we geared up and head to the nearby fish sanctuary. When he reached a good distance and depth, one by one we jumped off the boat and floated through the waters. With our goggles, we explored the reefs and the fishes. With our Sky Flakes crackers, we fed the fishes and swam with them. With Manong driver and our camera, we captured this treasured moment.
I really found it funny that my Timex watch glowed underwater. I never realized that before. Anyway, there was some kind of sea cliff beyond us so we really did not venture out too far. It was somewhat scary. LOL!

It was near noon when we decided to get back to shore. We did not ride the boat; instead, we swam with it with Manong driver pulling its bow. And what awaited us at our cottage is our lunch of grilled fish and squid.

Contrary to the cold weather that earlier morning, it was very hot the entire day. Despite this, we head to the Virgin Island afterwards. And the little island is like no other. A long C-stretch of white island with mini-forest on its heart…

We were absolutely tired when we got back to our place. We slept and rested awhile. Later that afternoon, I went back to the beach and took pictures of the angry clouds.

As I had expected, it rained hard again during that night. It spoiled everybody’s plan and so we were stuck on our room. Well, no sense crying over spilled milk so we just watched the Cable TV and savored our happiness for the last few days.


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