Out with Friends: Second Day, Bohol Tour

We rose early in our hotel on the second day. With renewed energy and bursting bags, we embarked on our boat, the OceanJet, and shortly two hours after, we arrived at the beautiful white island of Bohol.

Our tummies were grumbling so we grabbed our breakfast at Jollibee.

The sky was partly cloudy that day and there were occasional shower of drizzle. Never mind the weather, we started our Bohol tour with the hospitality and humor of Kuya Sherwin, our friendly guide and driver. LOL! First stop is at Carmen where we marveled at the scattered lumps of Chocolate Hills. We took at least two hundred steps before we reached the peak. There the beauty loomed before our sights.

There’s one thing I realized – not all Havaiana slippers can withstand extreme adventure. Take it from my friend. LOL!

Despite the humidity and heat, we proceeded to a Butterfly Farm where we had a brief review of the life and anatomy of butterflies.
There is a ship house along the highway.

After a short ride, we stopped at Bohol’s coveted man-made jungle. Hectares of molave trees planted at least 50 years before…

Got to conquer our fear of heights and cross this hanging bridge – at least 90% made of bamboo materials. At the end, souvenir shops await the brave.

Where is our lunch? Why not at Loboc River floating restaurants? With their buffet of seafoods, fruits, and mouth-watering dishes, we fill ourselves up to our heart’s delight.

We were full and we need to sweat a little. How about dancing with the locals?

The magnificent stretch of the Loboc River…

Let us begin the afternoon with a swing on the heights. How about a ride on the zip line and the cable car? Below us, the greens and the river breathe beauty and grandness…

Enough of that over-the-top adventure! Take a tour and have fun with the animals at a local tarsier farm.

More animals and fun at Prony Farm…
We got religious and visited some of the old churches in Bohol and in the whole country. One such famous church is the Baclayon Church.

We got historical and relived the past at the Blood Compact monument…
Exhausted but happy, we stopped over at BQ Mall for some groceries. Right after, we head at the tip of Panglao, into the Alona Beach. We looked for our room at the Walk-Inn Apartelle and rested awhile. But let’s not forget to thanks Kuya Sherwin for a great and enjoyable time exploring Bohol.

We were not hungry that night and so I just had a burger, apple and yogurt for dinner. Afterwards, we strolled the shores of Alona Beach and some of its offerings.

It was a very long day. We slept that night with a large smile on our face.



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