Out with Friends: First day, Cebu Moments

Last June 11-15, my friends and I had a great time strolling Cebu and Bohol. Being young professionals, it is not always that we can hang out with each other. Too little time or money, or having so much commitments hamper a real good time with friends. Yes, we can watch movies or have dinner with friends, but nothing beats exploring far-off places with them and painting different towns red. So for five days and four nights, we enjoyed each others’ company once again.

We left General Santos City noon by June 11. It was rainy but the staffs of Cebu Air Pacific had been kind enough to supply us with umbrellas. And despite the rain, there is no hindering us taking photos at the airfield.

It was past noon when we hit the ground of Cebu. More photos at Mactan Cebu International Airport.
Straight away, we went to Dynasty Tourist Inn and arranged our baggage. We were starving so we grabbed a late lunch at the nearest food store – Mergie’s Restaurant.

Cebu is somewhat unfamiliar but we managed to take a jeepney and arrived at the famous Magellan’s Cross.
Candle lighting, prayers, and more photos at the Basilica del Santo Niño.

A forgot the name of the Church. But it is something grand…

How about a detour at the Fort San Pedro? A serenade from a good blind folk. Cannons. Wishing well. Massive fortress.
It was very tiring so off we head to Ayala Mall. The first thing we look for was a refreshment or ice cream store. And we were not disappointed. Welcome to Dessert Factory and their mouth-watering ice creams and cookie snacks. Can’t take a glass so why not a large platter?

More strolls until dinner came. Meal was served at the Mexican-inspired restaurant called Mooon Café. Can you take a half kilo of Mexican baby back ribs? No, I can’t so I got to share it with a friend. LOL!

I only have great praises for Ayala Mall. A beautiful place. High class shops. Magnificent architecture. Well-designed landscape. Picturesque backdrop. Delicious dish and efficient services. Two thumbs up for this place. Really an enjoyable place to hang around.

It was a long day, and after that we head back to the hotel and had an early sleep….

Cebu is really amazing as history and modern life converges in its very heart. There are crowds of people around, leading very busy lives. But through it all, everyone manages to maintain their spirituality and respect for their culture and history. Truly, Cebu is a contemporary metropolitan with a classic twist.



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