How to Work around People You Hate

Inevitably, relationships can heat up in a workplace anytime. Newcomers may find his new environment accommodating and ideal, but will sooner see faults around him especially with the people. Oldies may find newcomers inefficient, unhelpful or unproductive. In one or another, people may step into each other’s toes and spark unhealthy relationship between them. So how can we deal with people we dislike in the workplace? How do we work with them?

Work and focus with your organization’s goals. As a worker, your primary objective must be to satisfy your company’s demands and that your team is able to complete each task. Do not let yourself be distracted with your personal issues with the others. Serve your organization and perform your obligations. Pleasing your co-workers comes only secondary.

Use the person you hate to great advantage. Treat him or her as a means to get your job accomplished. Be open-minded enough to see the good in them. Let us say you have a teammate who is disorganized and all over the place. That type of person is usually imaginative and has loads of great ideas. Then take note of his ideas and sort out what’s best for the organization. After all, he or she is also working for the company’s good.

Keep things purely professional. Taking things too seriously and personally can shake relationships. As the cliché goes, “do not hate a person, hate his actions.” Moreover, do not be oversensitive that you become ill-tempered and edgy. Just keep a light and happy disposition.

Maintain politeness. As always, be cordial towards the person you hate. Say please or your thanks and greetings with smile, and try to look genuine and sincere. This is not pretentiousness; this is only your way of attenuating any bad air. Besides, being true does not mean being rude.

Control your reactions. Avoid responding impulsively to any unlikeable action or words by a person.  Instead, compose yourself and be thoughtful. Think of a good way to react so that confrontations will be prevented. Let us say you have a bossy or egoistic co-worker who asserts his or her ideas. Then let his or her ideas be heard. Compliment him or her for being able to come up with it. But if you want to oppose, do not immediately express your disagreement. Carefully lay out the disadvantages and present your alternative. In every encounter you will face, remember never to let your emotions control you. Do not be overruled by your emotions at work that you might lose your job. Nobody is worth losing your job over.

Never talk about the person you hate to other co-workers. This is a big NO-NO. Words easily get around in any organization. So if possible, do not confide your frustrations and disappointment to anybody in your organization, even to the ones you trusted most.

Exemplify good work ethics. Do your job better. Oftentimes, we dislike somebody because we disagree to some of his or her actions and doings.  Then do the improvement you want to impose, and let others see the beauty of it. If somebody is loud, talkative and annoying, then be the tacky and sensible person. If someone is often late at work, be the early bird. Let the person you hate burn with shame of realization.

Avoid insinuations or bad jokes. People tend to make fun of the person they hate and make him or her the dessert of conversations, as if doing so is the ultimate form of retaliation. This can only lead to greater trouble.

If the person you hate really gets into you that you feel it has badly affected your performance, then it is time to have a serious and honest talk. Find the perfect time and place where you can have a private talk without being disturbed. Spell out your grudges without being judgmental and demanding. In the end, be able to establish an agreement or a compromise.

If worse come to worst, call upper management’s attention. Situations become too extreme, like corruption, sexual harassment, and violence, that you alone can’t handle it.

To sum up, exercise maturity. “Hate” is such a strong word and only the mature ones can maintain civility, composure, and self-discipline despite trying situations. Be optimistic in the process and treat everything as a learning experience.

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