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Years ago, I wrote this poem for someone who chose to leave me... LOL

Now I feel the most profound pain
As the afternoon colors fade and dim
My heart aches a loss, a regret,
Melted by the sun’s gentle warmth
Into the horizon, it sinks.

Now I see the flowers wither
In the soft earth where they always flourished;
The rose pressed between my palms
Had dried, brittle, suddenly blown
Into somebody else’s palms.

Now I hear the cruel silence
No bird’s song, no breeze humming, none at all;
The hymn that filled my days and hours
A melody so simple and true
Played now by another guitar.

Now I walked in slow solitude
On the road that bends to merciless fogs;
The memories, I will bury
The cares, the smiles, the joys must go
Into the very deep of my heart.

Now the wind brings chills and sorrow
As angry clouds pile and darken the sky;
Sometimes, the heart could hold no longer
Everything we wish to forget
That it yields, it fails, it drowns.

Gently, drops of rain wet my skin
While inside me, the storm washes over
The shores of waiting,
The dreams on moonlit nights,
The hopes of long ago,
Dissolved, chained by the inescapable misery
Into a single tear, they are gone.

Now I must continue my walk
Despite the mist, the puddle and the cold;
For soon, the torrent will recede
And the curtains of grief will part
And everything, they will be fine.

Now I must reassure myself
In a distance, in another garden
Where blades of grass sway, roses bloom
And music shall fill once again
The hours, the days, and the years.

But now, I must admit to myself
That moment is not yet now;
For now, it is still raining
The hurt still remains,
And so does the sadness.

Now I still feel the most profound pain.

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