My 8th Wedding Entourage

Yesterday, I attended my friend’s wedding. I did not simply attend; I was part of the entourage. More so, it was my eighth wedding entourage! I had been one of the groom’s men for the wedding of my siblings and of their friends. The last two are my own friends’ wedding. The couple, Reneth and Noemi, is my friends, being my batch mates also way back college. Haven’t seen them for a very long time. Never thought we would see each other again on a wedding day.

Well, it was really a fun wedding. Everyone was great (except maybe for the wedding coordinator who kept reprimanding us for trivial matters), in high spirits, and full wonderful wishes for the couple. A picture speaks a thousand words so I’d better show some captured moments from yesterday’s happening.
Me and Her Excellency! LOL! It’s Noemi’s mother and I feel the need to have a picture with her. Somehow, I feel close to her mother since we have been neighbors back in summer of 2006 when I did my job training.
The guys that made up the entourage. From left to right: Noemi’s little brother, Reneth (the groom), the best man (Reneth’s brother), me, and a relative.
 Still us! Orlando (the guy on the left) joined the photo.
 Whacky shot!
 A jump shot!
 The girls have their back on us.
 My friends…
 Everybody’s busy now…
Here comes the bride!
 Here she walks the isle!
And here is the couple!
One more whacky shot!


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