Five Songs About Healing the World

The world has been shaken by several calamities, both natural and man-made, not only these recent days but for the last few years. There have been super typhoons which devastated not only cities but almost whole countries. Who can forget Katrina and Ondoy? With these typhoons are the floods that washed out places. Who can forget those massive deluges in China and India? While others were flooded, some parts of the world are in severe drought.
As nature is in its rampage, man is also at his wild moments. Who cannot remember the terrorism attacks in the Philippines and the USA? Who can forget the civil wars in the Middle East and the riots in Europe? And from the South America to Southeast Asia, drugs and human and illegal commodities are being smuggled.

In the headlines today, Japan suffers a tragic loss from triple tragedy – earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear leakage, while Libya is at war. Just few days back, New Zealand was hit by an earthquake too, and Egypt by civil wars. Few more days back, Australia was flooded… Click here to read full article on "Five Songs About Healing the World."
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