For All the Women of Triond

Few weeks back, I was able to chat with a fellow Triondict (Triond addict) in Facebook. I saw her account and invited her as my friend. Fortunately, she was on-line and she accepted me. We said the usual “hi”, “hello”, ‘how are you?” and the little jokes we shared led to a whole afternoon of chatting. She is Rubilee and like me, she is a regular of The Filipino Diaspora. Along with the other Filipino Triondicts, we normally hang out at the forum (Sinong Kababayan Dito?) but I can only catch a glimpse of who these people are in those public talks. Somehow, that chat with Rubi in Facebook gave me opportunity to really know her in a more personal level.

I suppose that had been a coincidental encounter, as the world currently celebrates the International Women’s Month. Rubilee is a fun woman, smooth talker and sweet, married with a Korean businessman, has two kids, and works (as teacher) and studies and writes blogs at the same time. And despite all this, amazingly, she can still find time to do philanthropic works as she regularly helps street children here in the Philippines. She runs a blog about it (Sorry Rub, I can’t promote your blog right now since only two are allowed). Yet, in everything, Rubilee remains simple and down to earth.

Well, I can only hope I can also get to know deeper the other Triondicts. I can sense there are other remarkable women in our small community like Likha, Mtrguanlao, Brewed Coffee, Edss, Ima Vee, and Macherie, and in the whole Triond group like Christine Ramsay, Chipmunk, Anndavey and LJ Spain. I may not have mentioned the others but I believe you are all wonderful and praiseworthy. I am not really a poet (but I try to be one when I am inspired) but let me share this piece I made for all the women writers in Triond.

Ode to the Women of Triond

More than seeing what is visible,
Your eyes look at life with deeper discernment.

More than writing what has been known,
Your hands scrawl what essentially must be learnt.

More than feeling for what is ordinary,
Your heart beats for life and for humanity.

For your every word is your weapon,
For your every image is your offer,
For your every piece is your trophy.

And for that you surpassed
What limits has society burdened you;
And you have become
The silent sweetheart
The silent friend
The silent hero.

For all the women of Triond,
Who inspire other women
Who awe men
And who touch the world,
A warm hug
A gentle kiss
And a huge applause!

Happy International Women’s Month, ladies!

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