Barry Manilow: Sandra

Today is my mother’s birthday. She’s fifty-six now, but still young-looking and strong. I have shared this before in my post “Dance With My Father” that I and my mother have been closer since my father’s death. Compared before, I got to spend more time with her now, and what I mean by “time” are moments of togetherness – with talking, laughing, TV watching, and others. I suppose the need to spend filial time comes with maturity.

Well , all these years I thought I have really known so much about her. Yet, each time we talk, I discover more and newer things about her. I have always seen her as my mother, but only these recent years that I see her other facets – her good old days, her teenage dreams, her marriage with my father, and her struggles for us siblings. I respect and root for her more and more.

Like I said it is her birthday today. Maybe, a large bowl of native chicken soup will be waiting for me and my sisters this afternoon. LOL! My mother has always been a good cook, though not as good as my father, and she is quite adventurous with the meals. She might be having her hair or her nails done this moment. Or she’s having a beauty rest! LOL! Just kidding, mom…

My mother has always strived to be the best for us. I simply don’t know what is the best gift I can give her today. She has sacrificed a lot for us. Well, her struggles remind me of this song by Barry Manilow. It’s about a perfect mother and wife. Guess I’ll dedicate it to her. Let me share this song to all the mothers and daughters and sons…

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