Lessons From My Companions

I and my two friends had just gone for a week-long trip. We attended the 18th Singles for Christ International Conference (SFC ICON) and then spent some ample time exploring places. We have been planning this since last year and finally, it was done. It was not only an exploration, but a rediscovery of ourselves and of one another. Like every experience, we learn, grow, and realize certain life lessons.

The first day was filled with much anticipation and excitement as we waited for each other at the airport. And when the plane took off, the thrill elevated as well as we look forward to a great adventure. Traveling with friends can really bring a different kind of excitement, making you leave behind every inch of worry or fear. It is good to think of exploring unfamiliar boundaries with familiar people very close to your heart. It makes you unafraid to try and do things, even to soar through clouds and peaks. LOL!


It is great to have companions to help you carry your luggage around. LOL! Kidding aside, we had been walking since yesterday and my left foot really hurt (I still can’t get my walk right because of a fracture few months back). We have been going up and down footbridges to ride the metropolitan train or the buses, as well as roaming around Enchanted Kingdom, a local amusement park. We made the most out of the day. It is good to have one collective decision always. What you like, they like; what they do, you do.

Day 3: UNITY.

We travelled by bus for eight hours the whole night from Manila to Pili, Camarines Sur. We had slept at the bus and arrived, very exhausted, at the venue five in the morning. Later, we were ushered to our accommodation – a humble, shabby room good for four, but cramped with six or seven people. Friends really know friends; with no hesitations, the three of us gathered, talked, and left to find a better place. We settled at a dormitory in Naga City. It was worth the money and the twenty-minute ride. It is hard to compromise the experience with a bad accommodation. Well, it is amazing how we felt each other, picked up signals, and decided so easily. We cooperated well with each other. We spent some time getting a very good sleep, and then spent the rest of the day and night with revived and energized spirits.


It had been three days of seemingly endless activities. Riding different means of transportation. Having uneven sleep. Late night wanderings. Eating different foods at different hours. Buying goodies and memorabilia. Taking photos and videos every place all the time. Where did we get the energy? It was still only three days but it felt like three beautiful long years.


We actually had this trip to attend a gathering of single Christians. The theme was “I Stand’, and everyone was asked to stand for different social aspects threatened by changing cultures. We stood for issues like life, love, faith, family, the poor and Christ himself. Aside from those, I think the three of us stood for something else. We stood for friendship. We have been friends since high school, separated during college, and reunited by the SFC. The event just gave us opportunity to enjoy once again each other’s company.


We headed back to Manila the previous night and arrived by dawn. We only had few hours sleep, but that did not deter us. A fresh bath and good food did the trick. We again strolled the streets and spent another long and beautiful day and night.


No gimmicks this time. We took time to freshen up ourselves and went to the airport by midmorning. By noon, we flew back to General Santos City. Our bags were indeed bursting with dirty clothes and gifts. Likewise, our hearts were bursting with joy and thankfulness. We cannot do this always, and an experience like this is hard to repeat. Indeed, what they say is true – that time flies when you are with friends!

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