The Stars Have Changed

I just came across a very fascinating news. Accordingly, the zodiac signs have covered new dates because of the shift in the stars that causes planetary precession. A new sign, Ophiuchus, has been added as well. I was born late March, and hence, my sign changes from Aries to Pisces. Will my destiny change as well? And will my personality as described by the horoscopes change too? That is something to think about. LOL!

Well, I am not really a fanatic of superstitions and horoscopes and astrology things. Yet, it will not hurt to believe them from time to time. Besides, zodiac signs have become a pop culture, as if everyone is born with the knowledge and craving for them. For thousands of years, people believed the twelve signs of the zodiac. And now, there is a new addition and embracing the changes will not be so easy at all.

As the cliché goes, “nothing is constant but change”. The world has since changed tremendously, and so do people and what they believe in. If we look at the sky, we will see it is not the same sky anymore – the once unpolluted, clear, and unobstructed sky. At nights, star twinkles fade, shadowed by the city glitters and the passing aircraft lights. Those were the same stars that defined the zodiac, and like people, they change.

Pluto had become a moon, and no more a planet recognized for several generations. A course of history has changed. Each day, thousands of stars and heavenly bodies are formed as thousand others collide, explode, and die out. Many tie up human destiny with the stars. For indeed we are like the stars – suspended in our own space, surrounded by others, and always moving and evolving to keep rhythm with time.

Change is truly inevitable. But what matters is how we accept and embrace it.

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