Sand Sculptures

I was looking through some photos of my students in a beach activity when I noticed sand sculptures on them. They were only on the background but they caught my attention. They were really beautiful, I supposed they more beautiful than my students. LOL!

That made me more interested in sand sculptures. So here I am now, browsing through several pictures of sand sculptures I got from the Internet, smiling in wonderment… A thought just cross my mind: some people are like sand sculptures. Or that people tend to make sculptures of themselves. Who are “sand sculptures”?

Sand sculptures are attractive and lovely to look at. They are creations of near perfection – artful, pleasing, and brilliant. Like these things, some people meticulously construct perfect images of themselves, trying hard to make themselves believable, highlighting the beautiful and letting only the good be seen in them. We praise them and stand awe of them. We oftentimes look up to them. Indeed, that is the best we can do – look at them.

For it is hard to be near them. It is hard to be close to them. We cannot touch them. For like sand sculptures, they are really weak. There is no strength in their beauty. We are deceived from what we have seen in them. For there is really nothing much in them – just sand and void spaces. And when the wind blows, tiny specks of sand detach, and little by little, the perfect image dissolves. 

Regularly, someone else’s hand must retouch or redo the sand sculptures. The image must please the society. It must become what others dictate. The show must go on.

I look at the pictures of sand sculptures again. They are really beautiful. But I am not smiling anymore. I really do not like the feel of sand sticking to my skin. I brush them off.

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