My Resolution

It is the first week of classes this year and everyone still has that holiday hangover. Seems everybody is still in no mood to open up their notebooks and get their pens to exercise some scribbling again. Count me in! The two-week Christmas break feels too short for all that holiday rush, friends visiting over, and get-together parties. Two weeks and still not enough? Can we extend? LOL!

It feels good to be not working yet still earning. I mean two weeks of indulging yourself to anything you want to and still receiving salary is such a privilege. What more? More checks just came this week! Holiday blessings just extended? LOL!

Well, many people think that our job in the university is easy, as if we are paid for a simple and menial work. Nope, being an instructor has never been so easy at all for me. It takes so much talent to deal with different people, to deliver lectures in innovative ways and be believed at, and to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional strain the job demands. What is worse, I got to bring my job home oftentimes – checking papers, updating my lectures, and other else. Seems like 24/7 job, especially when semesters end and so many things need to be finished.

Maybe I’m so workaholic, or that I got caught in doing various things all at once – like performing my duties at school, blogging and movie tripping, meeting friends and new people, and making or doing several projects. So before the New Year’s hangover stops and my work-addict blood pumps back, I’d better settle things. I already have a planner and I should make my entries more manageable and realizable. And more than organizing my activities, I should allocate more ME time. A time totally for me, no work, no worries, no deadlines to make – just time to relax myself, or to enjoy, whichever of the two. I guess that shall be my New Year’s resolution. A resolution that must be done.

And before I forgot things, I’d better write them all. In my new planner. LOL!
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