For A Miracle

It is very fascinating to watch on TV millions of devotees of the Black Nazerene crowding major streets in Quiapo, Manila every January. This is an annual tradition for the feast of the patron saint. The black idol is displayed in a procession going to Quiapo Church, and along the way, fanatics are waiting for its passing. They believed that if they touched the Black Nazarene, or even just its clothes or the ropes that pull the carriage, a miracle shall happen – it could be healing of dreaded and terminal diseases, more wealth, better employment, and more luck in love among others. And there are thousands who testify to the miracles of the Black Nazarene.

I supposed asking for miracle is innate for human, whether one realizes it or not. It has become natural for man to ask his heavenly genie for a favor in return for “a job well done” or for being “prim and proper”. He believes in a karma system – a reward for doing good things, which I think serves well in this selfish world. But oftentimes, the good may not be the right thing at all… And a good thing overly done may not be good anymore…

For a miracle, we do all good things to please the God we believe. We do and give everything, even if it is more than we can do and give. But what are really miracles? Does it have to be a magic? Or something very unbelievable? Or extraordinary?

A child once asked me how can a small chip in a computer hold so much memory and perform several actions. I did not know as well, and only then I became too curious with that simple piece of plastic or whatever. How does that mindless thing really work? Or how do pens write? Or the clock times? How do trees grow? Or how they die?

If we open up our eyes and mind, we will realize that everything is miracle. Clearly, we will discern that we are the miracle – we are miracles for the past who was not able to create the world we enjoy now, and for the future as well who will be in debt of the world we prepared for them. Each one of us, and each thing around us, is a miracle.

Sadly, we ask oftentimes for a miracle beyond life. And for such miracles, we can also willingly give more than our own lives…

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