Dance With My Father

I met an old friend this afternoon via Facebook. A friend way back in grade school. We were not really able to talk much since I could not follow her messages. I was also kind of busy doing my errands. Well, she asked me “How is your mother?” I was taken aback; I felt the question was very odd. Friends seeing again after a long time do not usually ask about their mothers. LOL!

That got me thinking for a while. I am very close to my mother. The day my father died, she was very broken. I had never seen her cry and being hurt so much until that day. I was grieving as well, but a mother’s grief has no much. Since then, I felt being attached to my mother more and more each day. Every pay day, I got to shop with her (though shopping is not really my thing). And every now and then, we talk, just to keep an open communication between us.

That moment my friend asked about my mother, one song popped into my head. It is Luther Vandross’ “Dance with My Father”. Celine Dion also has a brilliant rendition of the song. Well, here are two videos of the song – one with the lyrics, and the other a live performance by the singer himself.

Live performance by Luther Vandross:

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