Why Does The Sea Rush To Shore?

Personality Test. I have never been a believer of this kind of thing until this week. Just this week. LOL!

My students were fanatical about this personality test for a long time already but I was unconcerned. Last Thursday somebody approached me and my other colleagues in the faculty and had us evaluate ourselves based on several characteristics. The test is from www.oneIshy.com. I actually tried searching the site but I got lost looking for the specific test. Anyway, my student brought a printed copy so I did not bother myself anymore. It was exciting though the test was fairly long.

Accordingly, I am 27.79% phlegmatic, 27.20% choleric, 26.59% melancholy, and 18.42% sanguine. Here is the breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of each character.

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist

Strengths of a Sanguine

The Sanguine's Emotions
• Appealing personality
• Talkative, Storyteller
• Life of the Party
• Good sense of humor
• Memory for color
• Physically holds on to listener
• Emotional and demonstrative
• Enthusiastic and expressive
• Cheerful and bubbling over
• Curious
• Good on stage
• Wide-eyed and innocent
• Lives in the present
• Changeable disposition
• Sincere at heart
• Always a child

Weaknesses of a Sanguine

• Compulsive talker
• Exaggerates and elaborates
• Dwells on trivia
• Can't remember names
• Scares others off
• Too happy for some
• Has restless energy
• Egotistical
• Blusters and complains
• Naive, gets taken in
• Has loud voice and laugh
• Controlled by circumstances
• Gets angry easily
• Seems phony to some
• Never Grows Up

The Introvert | The Thinker | The Pessimist

Strengths of a Melancholy

• Deep and thoughtfully
• Analytical
• Serious and purposeful
• Genius prone
• Talented and creative
• Artistic or musical
• Philosophical and poetic
• appreciative of beauty
• Sensitive to others
• Self-sacrificing
• Conscientious
• Idealistic

Weakness of a Melancholy

• Remembers the negatives
• Moody and depressed
• Enjoys being hurt
• Has false humility
• Off in another world
• Low self-image
• Has selective hearing
• Self-centered
• Too introspective
• Guilt feelings
• Persecution complex
• Tends to hypochondria

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist

Strengths of a Choleric 

• Born leader
• Dynamic and active
• Compulsive need for change
• Must correct wrongs
• Strong-willed and decisive
• Unemotional
• Not easily discouraged
• Independent and self sufficient
• Exudes confidence
• Can run anything

Weaknesses of a Choleric

• Bossy
• Impatient
• Quick-tempered
• Can't Relax
• Too impetuous
• Enjoys controversy and arguments
• Won't give up when loosing
• Comes on too strong
• Inflexible
• Is not complimentary
• Dislikes tears and emotions
• Is unsympathetic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist

Strengths of a Phlegmatic

• Low-key personality
• Easygoing and relaxed
• Calm, cool and collected
• Patient well balanced
• Consistent life
• Quiet but witty
• Sympathetic and kind
• Keeps emotions hidden
• Happily reconciled to life
• All-purpose person

Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

• Unenthusiastic
• Fearful and worried
• Indecisive
• Avoids responsibility
• Quiet will of iron
• Selfish
• To shy and reticent
• Too compromising
• Self-righteous

As the results show, I do not have extreme personality. I am simply good blend. Super LOL! Let me take out some identifiable traits: low-key personality, calm, patient, quiet but witty and avoids responsibility (as phlegmatic), must correct wrongs, decisive, strong-willed, self-sufficient, and enjoys controversy (as choleric), deep, analytical, serious, creative, idealistic, moody, and introspective (as melancholy), and curious, sincere, has changeable disposition, and naïve (as sanguine). Hope people will agree with me. LOL!

It’s funny that the result was kind of true. Much of the descriptions fit me. So what’s the good thing in taking such a test? According to a student, it helps one to know oneself better so that personalities may be controlled and adjusted, and whatever flaws may be corrected. Good reason. 

Like I said I am not really a believer of horoscopes and the like. Even personality tests like that one, though I certainly enjoyed it. I always have the notion that whatever we read, or see, influences us – in our thoughts and hearts. We become whatever we read. If we become fond to these things, we let them, in a way, dictate our lives. We become overly cautious and careful in our actions. We become somebody outside of ourselves, suddenly becoming unsure or blinded of who we really are.

It’s like chasing another “person” you deem perfect as you. But we are who we are no matter how hard we try becoming someone else.


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